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Yes, I know that's a lot of points, but I want to start a contest and I need something to be the prize. (First place is 500 points, 520 if it's REALLY good.) If I haven't already, I'll give the top 6 Llama Badges. Note: I WILL NOT BE USING POINTS TO BUY PEOPLE BADGES, BUY MYSELF ACCESSORIES FOR MY LLAMAS, UPGRADE MY dA MURO, BUY PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS, OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT! THEY ARE PURELY FOR THE CONTEST PRIZES!

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  • Reading: The Sugar Queen
When you have a drug addiction, and you want to get off the drugs, it's best to seek help and to remove the drug. I'm trying to get off my stamp addiction, and what better way than to just spit out the ideas I have? Actually, that's a terrible way to go about it, but at least I can say what I want to without filling up my PC with more stamps.

1. If I say I don't want to have kids, please don't tell me I really do. You don't know me, you don't know what I want, so please stop acting like you do.
This is something that really bothers me. It's okay if you want to have kids. Nobody is going to tell you, "NO YOU DON'T PROCREATION IS THE WORST THING EVER YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'LL BE MISSING YOU'LL CANGE YOUR MIND WHEN YOU'RE OLDER". However, if you tell someone that you don't want to have kids, everybody is telling you, "YES YOU DO CHILDREN ARE THE BEST THING EVER YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSNG YOU'LL CHANGE YOUR MIND WHEN YOU'RE OLDER." The thing is, this is something you SHOULDN'T do. When you do, you're basically saying that you know the person better than they know themselves. Seriously, if someone said they hated children, and didn't want to have children, they're told "NO YOU'LL CHANGE YOUR MIND!" Imagine something you absolutely despise - a movie, a TV show, a food, ANYTHING - now imagine someone acting like they know everything about everything telling you that they were just like you, but now they have this thing you hate and they know they'll change your mind because it's IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to not want it! It gets ANNOYING. It's fine if someone wants to know why you don't want to have kids, but it's not fine if someone goes on about something you want when you don't really want it.

2. Stromae
There is one stamp for this artist. Why? He's a bit of a cultural phenomena, a biracial musical genius who was originally rejected by the French until his biggest hit came into public view, you'd figure more than a few people here would know about him. Then again, this website . . .
So if you don't know about Stromae, look him up. I especially recommend his most popular hits, including "Je Cours", "Papaoutai", and the absolute best of the best, "Alors On Danse". Seriously, listen to "Papaoutai" or "Alors On Danse" and see if you can't resist grooving a bit. (And trust me, "Papaoutai" may be sad, but damn, it has jam! Let's pretend I never said that!)

3. Just because something is overrated doesn't mean you have to hate it.
Frozen is overrated. PewDiePie is overrated. Despite this, I don't expect - nor do I want - fans to drop everything and start hating said overrated person/film/etc. Overrated simply means that the thing has more praise or a bigger fan base than it deserves; it, by no stretch of the animation, means that it is now terrible because so many people like it so much. It's perfectly okay to like something that's overrated. If you do like something that's overrated, you don't have to turn around and hate it.

4. If you look through my Friends list, you will see that gravity is not my friend.
This one was suggested by my sister. We all have issues with gravity at one point or another. While gravity is a wonderful thing to have, some of us tend to have problems with it, especially people like me, who have deformed feet and are clumsy enough to begin with.

5. I love writing!
I think I had a stamp like this all ready, but the thing is, I just love writing so much I will never be able to fully convey how much I appreciate it. In everyday dialogue, I may use simple words and phrases - like "My day was good, I had a lot of fun" - but when I write, I try and put my all into it, I just take out my heart and pour its contents into what I do. Every bit of anything I do has a piece of me in it. There is a piece of me in every character I make, every idea I have, every story I create. Reading books like 1984 just helps me to realize it even more, because the very threat of simply "ungood", "good", "plusgood", and "doubleplusgood" replacing many other words in my first language is so terrifying, I didn't even realize how much I appreciate it until I read chapter 5. Writing is everything to me, that and drawing. I can draw very well, because I love to express myself, but I feel like I have an advantage in writing. Even though I'm no master, I still feel like I have a lot of potential. I'm always experimenting, always wanting to better myself, and I have made progress. The idea of dying without at least one great literary work, or even something that few people know but still really enjoy, is genuinely terrifying to me, and while it may not seem so obvious in my day-to-day speak, I am extremely passionate about writing and determined to publish at least one novel in my life.

That's it for now. When I get more ideas, I'll update this; for now, I'm going to start writing again!


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Themesong: "You Don't Know Me" - Elizabeth Gillies. Yeah, it's corny to do that, but eh.

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